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Each user can freely claim a GWT airdrop once;

Additionally, users who have minted DMCs can claim a DMC20 airdrop.

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How to Get DMCs and DMC-SP

DMCs are tokens issued by the DMC Foundation on the BTC network based on the BRC20 protocol. Therefore, you can simply get 210 DMCs (about $21) each time using any BRC20 Mint tool you like. However, we recommend using the DMCs' extended protocol "Lucky Mint" to Mint DMCs: any BTC account has a chance for a Lucky Mint on average every 8 blocks, and a successful Lucky Mint can yield 210 DMCs and 1,890 DMC-SP additionally.You can exchange DMCs for DMC-SP and pay DMC-SP to engrave public data.

How to Get Public Data Inscriptions

Under the support of DMCs' public data inscription protocol, people can pay DMC-SP to Mint public data inscriptions based on NFTs protocol. They can also purchase already inscribed public data inscriptions on any NFT trading platform. Public data is a common asset and precious collective memory of humanity, and owning public data inscriptions means protecting and collecting these rare treasures on the most valuable consensus chain, BTC. The DMC-SP required for inscribing public data are related to the value of the public data.

Public Data Inscriptions Enhancing Public Data Value

DMCs further extend the Ordinal protocol to establish a cross-chain value aggregation platform based on BTC. The value of public data inscriptions, the profits from using them, and the value of other associated chain tokens are interconnected. This not only enhances the community potential of DMCs but also improves the reliability and usability of public data.

Earning More DMCs Through Public Data Inscription Chanting

Chanting public data inscriptions can yield DMC-SP income. The greater the value behind a public data inscription, the higher the chanting income. Resonance allows more people to chant the same public data inscription, and the inscription owner receives a share of the DMC-SP income generated from the chanting.